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Our Questions & Answers section

Q: What are "All Inclusive Shared Rentals"?
A: We have developed a system where individual tenants share a house or an apartment as a family unit. Each person has their own private bedroom and they share the common areas like the living room, family room and the kitchen. Everything can be included, so tenants have only one payment to make each month.

Q: What type of people rent "All Inclusive Shared Rentals"?
A: We welcome everyone; Students, Veterans, People with Special Needs, Senior Citizens, just to mention a few. "All Inclusive Shared Rentals" are for anyone who enjoys living with other like minded individuals and enjoying the comforts of home.

Q: Do any rentals have private bathrooms?
A: Yes, some do - some don't, it depends on the house and the price you're looking for. Most master-bedrooms do.

Q: Does it cost anything to get more information ?
A: No, as a prospective tenant, it is always free to search for available properties.

Q: Where are the rentals located?
A: Most of them are centrally located. All are near a post office, grocery store, coffee shops and restaurants - we own homes all over, therefore we're sure that you are going to find a home in an area which you are going to enjoy living.

Arthur Fuller